Rich Migrants

Bill and John the Budget Men

Bill and John the Budget Men

I didn’t expect much more out of National than opening the gate to foreign investment to allow the Global Corporates free rein and to rape and pillage.
I suppose that is better than putting up a sign ” NZ – free to a good home”.

To try and balance the out flow of profits from this “foreign investment” the Government plans to have Migrants coming in with $10 million + in their back pockets.

This lot (National) has got no other bright ideas than to perhaps bring back their version of employment contracts with no minimum wage.
That would be complimentary to the rich business migrants who happen to be used to paying their workers coolie wages.

I hope the younger voters who voted these no hopers in get share the pain of 3 years National and its lingering legacy.

Here is a brilliant suggestion, let us charge the migrants up front infrastructure fees to cover the roads and water resources they are about use?
Say $5 million each?

The previous pack of morons in the 1980’s hatched the rich migrant scheme with $1 million in their back pockets, so National’s 2009 version is the inflation-adjusted version of the cheesy old balance of payments trick using slight of hand to keep up our credit rating with the IMF.


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