Gerry’s ‘Big Think’ ?

August 30, 2009

NZ Conservation for Thirty Pieces of Silver

NZ Conservation for Thirty Pieces of Silver

Gerry Brownlee:
– Minister for Economic Development.
– Minister of Energy and Resources.
Now Gerry has added another string to his bow – Minister for Fucking the Environment.

Gerry has come up with a bright idea for getting NZ out of the recession,’ we will mine the National Conservation estates … the ones that are not worth very much”.
Ok Gerry?? .. So how do you put a price on ruined heritage?

Got to point out to you Gerry >>> the word ‘National’ as applied to Conservation estates does not imply ownership by your National party.

National took a punt on creating wealth in the late 1970’s; a collection of resource exploitation projects titled “Think Big”.
The projects turned into an over budget fizzer and left NZ debt strapped and eventually cost National the 1984 Election.

“Think Big” turned into “Big Stink Idea”

Apparently Gerry Brownlee isn’t much of a student of recent history, he seems to unaware of a strong anti-mining sentiment in NZ.
Obviously he is well acquainted with the pro-mining lobby as judging by his enthusiasm for ruining conservation lands.

It doesn’t get any better when his Dopey Boss John Key proudly announced on TV
“ Modern mining techniques leave barely noticeable alteration to the landscape.”

Waihi @ 25,000 feet.

Waihi @ 25,000 feet.

Ok ! ? … So that gaping hole at Waihi, plus its tailings hill are impressive examples of this marvel of modern mining technique Key is alluding to?

Gee how long is it to the next election?
I am taking bets as to how much of NZ they can ruin before we dump these Ares holes.

But this is National’s track record: every time they get into power, they break all promises and implement a round table hidden agenda.
I can only say I told you so; I made it my mission to warn people what these bastards are like.
There is no shame in being the younger voter who got sucked in by their plausible lies pre-election.

5 October 09 Update
Gerry’s still at it, feeding the media this line of shit .. “estimates of $250 billion of unrealised mineral wealth trapped in conservation estates”, he is citing a geologist’s estimate.
Ok but the government cannot even predict its own books when it comes to estimating operating surpluses/deficits.
So are we to believe this line of shit ‘hook line and sinker’ ?
All those $billions$ is supposed to make it ok to wreck the landscape and the inescapable ground water pollution?

The low insertion theory of ‘modern mining’ Jerry is espousing conveniently leaves out the tailings and waste water areas need for these operations.
Another claim is these waset operations will be carried out under ground in the future. Really? Prove your lies?
I can guess their game, stash the mess back into the mine and let future generations discover the polluted ground water.

Well I can see we are in for the long haul with ‘Ole Wood Shavings for a brain’, until November 2011 at the earliest!


Frauds Exposed

August 6, 2009
The Money and the Bag

The Money and the Bag

A big brown eye for “Bill the Taxpayer” English over his double dipping accommodation scam.
But it’s legal he cried, before the avalanche of public opinion drown any chance he had of sticking to his guns.
No sorry mate you are screwed in the court of public opinion along with the other Pricks in the Trough of taxpayer funds.
Lets have the money back you scumbags !!!
That includes people who have left Parliament, if they are still living.
Is this what IRD means by protecting the Tax base?
The politicians enact the laws and regulations to grant them self’s privileges and extras on top of a salary most working NZ’rs can only dream about.
So why the greed? Don’t you think they would be conducting their affairs with integrity?
At the same time we are in a recession they tell us, we (you) have to tighten the belt, suffer the pain in the trenches.
Yeah right mate, while you swan off on the next bullshit junket that produces little or no benefit to NZ, except for politicians from different countries massaging each other egos!

I expect nothing short of resignations as what happened in England over their MP’s expenses scandal.