Capital Gains Tax?

Booty ahoy me hearties!

Booty ahoy me hearties!

These Torry pricks don’t get any better with age.
Now we are hearing “proposals” based around the idea of a Capital Gains Tax on property.
First they mentioned C.G.T on secondary investment properties.
Then someone claimed that was too hard to collect tax on.
Strange I thought since all property transactions now go through an electronic Registry Office!
Now the wolf is taking his sheep’s cloak off to reveal a ‘land tax’ paid annually proposal!
What the f**k!
But these Torry pricks gave us a second tier of local government back in 1991, that added another land/property ratings tax onto the property owner when they created Regional Councils!
So now they are proposing a third property rating Tax in the disguise of capital gains tax?

Capital Gains Tax on unrealised assets is not Capital Gains Tax, it is extortion, it is theft!

Let us explore their method of testing public reaction…
Use a research organization. Give them written and unrecorded verbal guidelines to research an idea, such as Capital Gains Tax.
When the public is ready to lynch the Government for the bad idea, deflect the heat and blame the idea back on the research organization.

Just about the nail on the head eh?


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