Save us from the Bastards

January 30, 2010

So we get another 25 cents on the minimum wage and they are toying with the idea of a land tax and GST hike to 15% that will push heaps of people into the gutter.
Time these over paid, useless and unworkable law makers called Politicians took a reality check as to what entails living on low income.

The low wage earner will get another $10 a week, woopee!
Is that suppose to offset hikes in fuel, electricity and food since they have been in power?
In a pig’s arse!

Then Phil Goff launches another goof torpedo, going on about top civil servants creaming it on $500 grand plus a year.
Well mate, they were earning that when your lot were in power 14 months ago!
Talk about brain dead political stewardship, imagine if his deputy managed to unseat him?
All she needs is a Frau Stig suit to compliment her bombastic arrogance.
That was highlighted her attempt to contaminate bread for a mass vaccination program against our will.

It raises the question ” what good are politicians for, when one considers how much they milk from the tax payer to play school kid point scoring games in the house?”

I think it is time for a cast iron constitution that enshrines our rights to a fair system of governance, free from political party ideologies, free from undue influence by big business who only want wage slaves and big profits.