Unravel 010

Any takers for this Turkey ?

Well .. is it going to all unravel this year?
National is pinning one of its successes on National Standards.
Not hard to understand as the phrase contains the word ‘National”.

National’s Education Minister Anne Tolley is in charge of bulldozing that one onto the education sector.

If Key wants to win friends and influence people, he ought not describe 30% of teachers as being dead shits by way of gearing up public support for a scheme that has failed miserably overseas.

National Standards will simply snow teachers under with even more paper work.
The reason behind the fall in literacy was partly due to large class sizes and excessive paper work that kept teachers from doing what they do best, teach.
The other reason was the dumping of the rote learning system for meaningful learning, best described as meaningless learning.

Tolley needs reminding that rote learning was successful, and that it was the Education Ministry that ‘outlawed’ it in favour of meaningful learning.

Teachers who dare to use the rote method, do so by quietly huddling in the corner of the class room with the pupils, so as to not get busted.

I fear standards will fall even further, because national standards is not teaching, it is testing.
What is the hurry, why not trial the changes?

The benefits of their proposals will take years to show, which makes me think they are either keen to grandstand their speedy implementation in time for next election or there is a darker side to the changes.
Time will tell.


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