The NZ Flag

Silver Fern with Shadow, Southern Cross .

The Flag is the subject of change.
Good bye to the Union Jack, gone but never forgotten.
The Silver Fern with shadow replaces the Union Jack, the stars positioned slightly asymmetrical as they appear in the sky.
Now the real trick, both fern and stars to be made of low sheen reflective material.
This would have the NZ flag really standing out at sports events and International events, during evening illumination.

The removal of the Union Jack is an opportunity to create official flags to represent various organisations as belonging to New Zealand.


The NZ Green Party?


Norml's Flag !


The debate over flag change invariable boils down to weather or not we go for a strong Maori design component. The Tino design is good enough to replace the Union Jack.

A reasonable compromise between treaty partners ?


New Zealand Police ?


Government / Parliamentary Flag?


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