The 2010 Tax Tinkerer

It's all in the interpretation.

Raising GST is taxing the poor, while Key and Co offers a tax cut and working welfare top up as a sweetener, it is striking out in the wrong direction, but a typical Torrie move to reward the wealthy.

I can safely predict the working welfare top ups won’t offset the GST increase.

What an arsehole concept, to be working for a living and having to rely on Government kick backs to make ends meet?

It puts the worker at the whim of bureaucrats who can wipe out the subsidy at the stroke of a pen, it creates public sector admin jobs to dole out the income top ups.

I think they have it all wrong, they need to take a hard look at Government spending.

Blowing money overseas on international aid, policing and playing war games with the Americans, when times are tough the deadshit countries just have to sort out their muck ups, charity begins at home.

To be fair National have inherited an albatross or two around their necks from Labour such as ETS, free trade deals with countries that dump slave wage goods on us, heavy UN commitments so Helen could have her world stage dream job.

But now we have ‘wood shavings for a brain’ Brownlee wanting to resurrect Think Big in the form of Big Dig, his plan to get us out of a hole.

If you dig a hole to get the country out of another hole, metaphorically speaking , you end up with two holes, in other words you just make a bigger mess.

My advice to Key is listen to the people, if they start making a loud noise, don’t persist in that typical Blinkered Torrie fashion we all know and hate from the past failed National Governments.
And yes, all their past administrations have run aground by suppressing wages, keeping interest rates too high, all for the benefit of the world bankers and their credit ratings.

The Elephant in the room has always been the housing and property market, someone allowed international speculators in the door with no capital gains tax or decent regulatory mechanism, this resulted in an inflated property and housing sector that is now threatening to wipe out the last vestiges of the ‘Kiwi Own your own home’ dream that we, in my life time, regarded as a right.

This government also have been told that property rates were too high.
No, they did not listen even to the notion of capping the present high rates, let alone putting a rocket up the arses of local councils as to why they are doubling rates every 12 years or so, way ahead of working income levels and forcing retirees out of their properties.

Judging from the forums, this government is living on borrowed time.


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