Teflon Toyoda

“New Toyotas will have non-stick accelerators” is the headline in the NZ Herald… I would put it as “Not much shit sticks to Toyota”.

“All new Toyotas will include an electronic device to stop their accelerators sticking, the company’s New Zealand boss said yesterday.
Chief executive Alistair Davis said the device, which cuts petrol to the throttle as soon as the brake is applied, would be introduced with the next new model, due for release next year.” ..NZ Herald

Is this the future of cars?
Much bowing and scrapping to appologise for cutting corners to remain competitive.
Cars are now brim full of electronics that hiccup and open throttles and delay brakes operating.
Car makers should adhere to the philosophy of “keep it simple,stupid”.
Don’t go adding more electronics as safety devices, ye gods!!

In electrical work there is a regulation that states no electronic device is to considered as an isolating device, there must always be a manually operated isolating switch.
A simple rule born from the realisation that electronic devices are inherently more prone to failure, something car makers should take on board when redesigning critical safety components in cars.


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