Entering a Mine Field

March 24, 2010

PM Key’s alter ego? Mathesa the Gormless Alien from Galaxy Quest.

Yes PM Key!
Grin away NZ’s environment for 30 pieces of Siver, or gold and what ever else your puppet master’s in the Big Business lobby have plans to mine.

The Nasty nats are putting it to us that there will be surgical mining with a low foot print.
But beware of secondary infection to the environment from acid mine drainage.
How do you spin the public about tailings dams PM Key?
Call it a face lift?
Big problem also with using footprint analogies, they can backfire with a bad case of foot in mouth.

Not content with fucking NZ’s environment, the Nats have also hatched plans to whip the poor on the dole to get them back into work when unemployment is at a 10 year high thanks to the world wide recession.
But that is what happens when you believe your own bullshit about recovery.

Mining affectionado Gerry Brownlee and alter ego Jabba the Hutt.


Latest Fuel Price Rises

March 10, 2010

$1.82.9 cents per litre – 10/3/10.

I was watching a politician explain our fuel prices are set by the cost from the Singapore refinery.
In the same TV interview the politician explained that NZ is nearly 40% self sufficient in oil.
NZ Oil is sold on the international market to get the best price, because it is of high quality.

Quoting NZ oil production is one of those headline grabbers that Politicians love to use, but it fails to explain why we are being forced to the wall over fuel prices.

Now am I stupid for not understanding why our oil resource is not used locally to drive down the cost of fuel in this country?
The excuse is a lack of refining facilities.

The real answer is fuel supply is in the hands of the multi national cartels, who are determined to extract the maximum profit by making oil producing countries send their unrefined crude off shore, only to arrive back as a finished product for a handsome profit.

Given that NZ has been producing commercial quantities of crude oil for three decades, I fail to see what excuse is good enough to explain why we don’t have refining capacity to keep our own oil for local consumption.

An interesting historical article I read stated that light crude oil[diesel oil] used to burn in early diesel engines with no problems.
This was happening where landowners had oil available on their own properties, the crude would separate by specific gravity, it was a simple task to pour off the lighter fractions to separate them.
Mind you those old engines probably would run on just about anything.
But that raised a nagging doubt over how much fuel refining is necessary, and beyond a certain point it is a process designed to add profit to big oil’s bottom line.

Actung Act

March 4, 2010

Act MP David Garrett has suggested parents with a history of child abuse should be given a $5000 incentive to be sterilised.

Not a bad idea, shame we could not do the procedure before these people have any kids in the first instance.

For example, if they are caught partaking in precursor activity to a life of criminal offending and bad parenting, these two activities usually go hand in hand.

By precursor activity I mean people coming from lower socio economic areas.
The offending starts as petty crime with little or no interest in education coupled with truancy and street gang affiliations, plus drug and alcohol use from a single digit age group onwards through teenage years into early adulthood, where a life long pattern has been established with little hope for a turn around.

This is a well established model that we as a society need to do something about when one considers the cost to our country’s economy to curtail these individual’s activities over their lifetime.

In conclusion I applaud the Act MP’s suggestion to stop this kind of scum from breeding.