Actung Act

Act MP David Garrett has suggested parents with a history of child abuse should be given a $5000 incentive to be sterilised.

Not a bad idea, shame we could not do the procedure before these people have any kids in the first instance.

For example, if they are caught partaking in precursor activity to a life of criminal offending and bad parenting, these two activities usually go hand in hand.

By precursor activity I mean people coming from lower socio economic areas.
The offending starts as petty crime with little or no interest in education coupled with truancy and street gang affiliations, plus drug and alcohol use from a single digit age group onwards through teenage years into early adulthood, where a life long pattern has been established with little hope for a turn around.

This is a well established model that we as a society need to do something about when one considers the cost to our country’s economy to curtail these individual’s activities over their lifetime.

In conclusion I applaud the Act MP’s suggestion to stop this kind of scum from breeding.


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