No Mining in Schedule four

July 20, 2010

Now they finally wake up and realise the weight of the public backlash.
Gee that was a no brainer, even before they got into power.
Crocodile tears are as believable as these opinion poll whores.
Mining is now placed on the quiet back burner, no worries they will try it on again.

The nasty Nats latest predicable move against the worker has emerged as a three pronged assault.
One, they are applying the 90 days trial employment rule to all companies.
Two, doctors certificate required for one day off sick if the employer wants to see proof of illness.
Three, union reps are not allowed to come onto employment premises if owner says no.

When will these fuckwits realise they have no mandate from their electors to tinker around with labour laws without some form of consensus.
Doctors have poured cold water on the idea of medical certificates, stating they are a low priority, they don’t want unwell and contagious patients spreading bugs around.
More important is a fundamental right being dictated away, the right for employer and employee to work out what arrangement suits them best.
The only employer who will demand such a medical certificate is probably an arsehole to work for, same with the 90day cheap labour scheme that will see unscrupulous employers rolling over staff to save on wage increments.