Dr Phil

It’s hay fever season, being spring here in NZ.
Seems it is affecting Politicians as well, judging from NZ Labour’s latest offering to sway voters.
Phil Goff announced Labour’s about face on rural land sales to foreign investment.
I think that is a bit rich of Phil, now be stumping with this one!
He was in the last government that signed up to a free trade agreement with China.
Part of that agreement allowed unrestricted buyer access to NZ land, there was no reciprocal clause for New Zealander’s being able to buy land in China.

So a big fat raspberry to Phil and the rest of his unimaginative shadow government of retards.
To be fair to labour, I hope the “Nasty Nats” eventually join labour in the shadows permanently, as they both have dragged this country to it’s knees with idiotic free market bullshit, over taxation to pay for their mistakes and red tape that would choke an elephant.

I love the admission last week by former PM Jim Bolger, that selling NZ Telecom was a mistake.
Well put mate, albeit 20 years too late!
As an employee of Telecom in 1990, I was saying that back in 1990 when it was sold !!!


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