PC Pussies

November 23, 2010

A local recalled the Strongman mine disaster in 1968.
He said the co-workers raced into the mine to help their mates.
Now in the H&S gone mad 21st century, the bureaucrats will not even consider this kind of rescue attempt because it is too dangerous according to their expert advice, if any.

The police area commander has the yah or nay on this rescue, so when is he going to bother making a decision?

Back in ’68 the miners were in charge of their own rescue procedures, logical since they are intimate with the mine workings.

Also in ’68 was the Wahine disaster.
In that incident the Police were obstructive to rescuers trying to launch an effort to pick people out of the harbour.
The rescuers the Police were preventing were surf life savers for god’s sake!
The Police excuse ” conditions were too dangerous”!
Dangerous for some pussy cop, not used to getting it on in the surf!

So here we are in 2010 with the Police doing a similar thing.
The Police commander is too scared to make a decision in case the rescuers get into trouble and it reflects back onto him.

So much for the golden hour!