Pigs in Space

December 26, 2010

“Police roading national manager Superintendent Paula Rose confirmed police were investigating setting up point-to-point cameras, which record the time a car takes to travel between two points on the open road.

The system calculates if their average speed is higher than the speed limit, and if so the driver is issued with a fine.”

So the Police have this new technology on their wish list at a time of budget restraints. If they get their way it will be simple proof that speed cameras are not a budget restraint item because they are a revenue stream. What these morons need to get into their heads is that if everyone stuck to the speed limits and didn’t drink/drug drive, there would still be a road toll because people are people, not machines, so they make mistakes and errors of judgement,some of which can be reduced with real driver training plus actual enforcement of some disturbing driving habits I see every day on the road. Some of these bad driving habits are: failing to keep left, failing to maintain speed close to the open road speed limit, fail to giveway on rural side roads, failing the following distance rules (tail gating) and failing to overtake with a 100 metres of clear road ahead at completion of the overtaking manoeuvrer. I would cheer to see road cops ticketing people for these kinds of offences rather ticketing someone 10-15 kms over the speed limit.

One idea could be a logical extension of the right hand rule when two highway over taking lanes merge, the left hand lane(so called slow lane) vehicle gives way to the right hand lane vehicle if the two vehicles are neck and neck trying to beat each other to get in front. This will preserve the status of the over taking lane (right hand lane) and make it an offense to under take. Naturally this rule is open to the rule of courtesy in urban 50 km areas where there are merging traffic flows at congestion time, the merge like a zip courtesy rule applies.


ACC Making Savings?

December 23, 2010

The latest outrage is ACC declining injury payouts using the flimsy excuse of degenerative causes, backed up by old retired quacks for hire, while Minister Smith claims his corporation is “making savings”.

The best medical opinion money can buy?

More a like a big rubber stamp labeled “Declined”.

American HMO’s have been declining claims according to performance figures as set by management, the injuries or illness don’t even figure in the consideration to decline.

No doubt NZ’s ACC has taken inspiration from this practice to make more money, or should I couch that in their terms ” reduce debt”.

I guarantee ACC is spending more on legal fees to defend law suits.

They are banking (pun) on people losing the will to fight them.

I hope the voters of Tasman decide to make savings next election and send this tosser the message that bullshit and lies don’t pay.

Problem is with true Blue National Electorates, you could put a pin stripe suit on a donkey and the morons would vote it in .. hee haw!

The Toad of Toad hall.

August 30, 2010

Let’s Bury the Hatchet!

Body Language from 2008 says a lot?

So it seems Heather Roy had enough of Rodney Hide’s Act?
Isn’t the Act party name so handy for derision.
e.g. The Actung Party.

Hide has shown his far right hand by creating Auckland Super city without any mandate from Auckland and surround cities rate payers.
First he crash changes this without the ‘clutch’, then we have to sit around hearing all the costs start leaking out of ‘the sump’, soon the ‘exhaust’ will fall off his ‘Super City vehicle’ creating a big noise with rate payers getting the tar and feathers ready for Rodney’s Hide.

I predict Hide will be falling on his sword in Epsom come next election.
Sorry Rodney, people do like the illusion of a consultative democracy at the very least!

Entering a Mine Field

March 24, 2010

PM Key’s alter ego? Mathesa the Gormless Alien from Galaxy Quest.

Yes PM Key!
Grin away NZ’s environment for 30 pieces of Siver, or gold and what ever else your puppet master’s in the Big Business lobby have plans to mine.

The Nasty nats are putting it to us that there will be surgical mining with a low foot print.
But beware of secondary infection to the environment from acid mine drainage.
How do you spin the public about tailings dams PM Key?
Call it a face lift?
Big problem also with using footprint analogies, they can backfire with a bad case of foot in mouth.

Not content with fucking NZ’s environment, the Nats have also hatched plans to whip the poor on the dole to get them back into work when unemployment is at a 10 year high thanks to the world wide recession.
But that is what happens when you believe your own bullshit about recovery.

Mining affectionado Gerry Brownlee and alter ego Jabba the Hutt.

Taking the High Ground on Dope

February 18, 2010

When asked about the Law Commission’s recommendation that a review needs to be taken at the status of Cannabis in the drug law statutes, Simon Power showed us why he is a member of NZ’s conservative party by answering the reporters in a fashion reminiscent of a Rob Muldoon glaring retort.

Not on his watch, was the interpretation; no discussion will be entered into.

Exactly the same approach has been taken by National over the super city, no discussion.

So National is content with the current Cannabis laws that punish growers of more than 9 plants with a complete stripping of property, based on feeble excuses such as tainted property, in lieu of any real evidence of wealth accumulation, certainly a punishment that outweighs the crime.

National’s 1991 proceeds of crime law was set up as a precedent for legalised robbery by the first case, a Hawkes Bay farmer who bought the property with Lotto winnings, the Cannabis had been cultivated by another party before the unwitting new owner took possession of the property.

Instead of dreaming up dumb fuck ideas like bicycle tracks to employ 5000 people to build, why not legalise Cannabis and place it on a taxable footing like any other activity?

We have a major tourist industry, tourists come here for a holiday, and that means relaxing, and some of those tourists like to smoke weed, in fact a lot of tourists like to. A principle of business is that you have to play to the market, we are missing out.

It is no use gazing negatively at a crystal ball and predicting great calamity over softening/legalising Cannabis laws.

There are always going to be idiots that over indulge, no matter what substance we are talking about.

The current laws do not work to stop Cannabis use; people have little or no regard for the law as it stands.

Police have suffered a negative perception for 38 years or more from enforcing Cannabis laws.

The more popular Cannabis became the inverse of popularity happens to Police.

We have got to take the bull by the horns and work through the issues of age limits, education about sensible use in a healthy and productive lifestyle, how smoking Cannabis fits in with the increasing restrictions on smoking in public places etc.

To be realistic we have to raise the drinking age back to 20 in anticipation for legalisation of Cannabis.

If you want an example of absurdity, look at work place drug testing.

Cannabis metabolite produces a fail test for up to 3 months, yet the intoxication wore of 89 days ago.

A commentator remarked that drug testing for Cannabis is Art masquerading as Science.

The 2010 Tax Tinkerer

February 10, 2010

It's all in the interpretation.

Raising GST is taxing the poor, while Key and Co offers a tax cut and working welfare top up as a sweetener, it is striking out in the wrong direction, but a typical Torrie move to reward the wealthy.

I can safely predict the working welfare top ups won’t offset the GST increase.

What an arsehole concept, to be working for a living and having to rely on Government kick backs to make ends meet?

It puts the worker at the whim of bureaucrats who can wipe out the subsidy at the stroke of a pen, it creates public sector admin jobs to dole out the income top ups.

I think they have it all wrong, they need to take a hard look at Government spending.

Blowing money overseas on international aid, policing and playing war games with the Americans, when times are tough the deadshit countries just have to sort out their muck ups, charity begins at home.

To be fair National have inherited an albatross or two around their necks from Labour such as ETS, free trade deals with countries that dump slave wage goods on us, heavy UN commitments so Helen could have her world stage dream job.

But now we have ‘wood shavings for a brain’ Brownlee wanting to resurrect Think Big in the form of Big Dig, his plan to get us out of a hole.

If you dig a hole to get the country out of another hole, metaphorically speaking , you end up with two holes, in other words you just make a bigger mess.

My advice to Key is listen to the people, if they start making a loud noise, don’t persist in that typical Blinkered Torrie fashion we all know and hate from the past failed National Governments.
And yes, all their past administrations have run aground by suppressing wages, keeping interest rates too high, all for the benefit of the world bankers and their credit ratings.

The Elephant in the room has always been the housing and property market, someone allowed international speculators in the door with no capital gains tax or decent regulatory mechanism, this resulted in an inflated property and housing sector that is now threatening to wipe out the last vestiges of the ‘Kiwi Own your own home’ dream that we, in my life time, regarded as a right.

This government also have been told that property rates were too high.
No, they did not listen even to the notion of capping the present high rates, let alone putting a rocket up the arses of local councils as to why they are doubling rates every 12 years or so, way ahead of working income levels and forcing retirees out of their properties.

Judging from the forums, this government is living on borrowed time.

The NZ Flag

February 9, 2010

Silver Fern with Shadow, Southern Cross .

The Flag is the subject of change.
Good bye to the Union Jack, gone but never forgotten.
The Silver Fern with shadow replaces the Union Jack, the stars positioned slightly asymmetrical as they appear in the sky.
Now the real trick, both fern and stars to be made of low sheen reflective material.
This would have the NZ flag really standing out at sports events and International events, during evening illumination.

The removal of the Union Jack is an opportunity to create official flags to represent various organisations as belonging to New Zealand.


The NZ Green Party?


Norml's Flag !


The debate over flag change invariable boils down to weather or not we go for a strong Maori design component. The Tino design is good enough to replace the Union Jack.

A reasonable compromise between treaty partners ?


New Zealand Police ?


Government / Parliamentary Flag?