Dr Phil

October 19, 2010

It’s hay fever season, being spring here in NZ.
Seems it is affecting Politicians as well, judging from NZ Labour’s latest offering to sway voters.
Phil Goff announced Labour’s about face on rural land sales to foreign investment.
I think that is a bit rich of Phil, now be stumping with this one!
He was in the last government that signed up to a free trade agreement with China.
Part of that agreement allowed unrestricted buyer access to NZ land, there was no reciprocal clause for New Zealander’s being able to buy land in China.

So a big fat raspberry to Phil and the rest of his unimaginative shadow government of retards.
To be fair to labour, I hope the “Nasty Nats” eventually join labour in the shadows permanently, as they both have dragged this country to it’s knees with idiotic free market bullshit, over taxation to pay for their mistakes and red tape that would choke an elephant.

I love the admission last week by former PM Jim Bolger, that selling NZ Telecom was a mistake.
Well put mate, albeit 20 years too late!
As an employee of Telecom in 1990, I was saying that back in 1990 when it was sold !!!


‘Whale Oil’ to beach at Albany

October 2, 2010

Cameron Slater, a.k.a blogger ‘Whale Oil’, is standing for Candidate to the Albany ward of Auckland Council.
At last this behemoth blogger is getting off his chuff and trying to put his money where his mouth and butt are conjoined at.
Naturally Slatter chose to go up against Andrew Williams the redundant North shore mayor, with whom he has railed against in his blog.
Slatter is no different than the Politicians he attacks, Both love the limelight.
It will knock the rough edges off Slatter if he is elected.
It is one thing to type throw away lines on the web, another to balance the interests of rate payers against council bureaucrats with delusional empire dreams.
Interesting battle indeed!

Dodgy Subdivisions.

September 6, 2010

Devastated couple in Seabreeze Close.

Big Quake hits Christchurch early Saturday morning September 4th.
This follow the financial quake earlier in the week when South Canterbury Finance was placed in receivership when old Mr Hubbard found his cupboard bare.
Among all the carnage unleashed in Christchurch is the story about Seabreeze Close, a three year old subdivision built on a swamp.

Quote from the Media story:
“Some of the surrounding area is hardly damaged, but as soon as you turn into Seabreeze Close, there is a scene of devastation.
Residents think it is because the land had been a swamp, sucked dry and filled with dirt for the subdivision.”
They say the development should never have been built.”

All houses are what I refer to as “brick and tile toilets”, the favoured modern building style in ‘affordable’ medium to high density housing estates.
These homes are usually low profile concrete pad floored, timber frame construction.
They are ok unless surface flood occurs, as the floors are only 150mm (6″) above ground level there is the inevitable flood through the house.
Reasons for low height floors range from day light shadow restrictions on neighbouring properties, or simple economy to save building a low block course nib wall with packed fill to raise the floor above surface flooding.
You combine this economy feature of these “brick and tile toilets” with swamp subdivision and you have a ticking time bomb.

This is just another modern building industry fuck up!
By industry I include Local Government, because they:
1/ gave consent to subdivide swamp land.
2/ gave consent to construct low profile concrete pads.

Who in their right mind would allow this type of construction in former swamps or areas with high water tables?
As an DIY builder I would never build a pad floor house unless I was at the top of any land formation.

Best advice I can give people looking at new subdivisions, find old pictures of the area to get an idea, check council records for original land information.
The best visual indicator of high water table are bull rushes growing amongst the grass.
Forget all the subdividers hype, they’d sell their mothers given the chance.

We rented a house in Manurewa’s Alfriston Rd, the subdivision was on a hill, the original housing was built on Hill road,a sensible location up on the ridge.
Everything down hill is subject to surface water flowing when it rains, I could observe a ‘sheet’ of surface water entering the property every time.
Not inspiring of confidence when the house floor in only about 100mm above that.

The Toad of Toad hall.

August 30, 2010

Let’s Bury the Hatchet!

Body Language from 2008 says a lot?

So it seems Heather Roy had enough of Rodney Hide’s Act?
Isn’t the Act party name so handy for derision.
e.g. The Actung Party.

Hide has shown his far right hand by creating Auckland Super city without any mandate from Auckland and surround cities rate payers.
First he crash changes this without the ‘clutch’, then we have to sit around hearing all the costs start leaking out of ‘the sump’, soon the ‘exhaust’ will fall off his ‘Super City vehicle’ creating a big noise with rate payers getting the tar and feathers ready for Rodney’s Hide.

I predict Hide will be falling on his sword in Epsom come next election.
Sorry Rodney, people do like the illusion of a consultative democracy at the very least!

No Mining in Schedule four

July 20, 2010

Now they finally wake up and realise the weight of the public backlash.
Gee that was a no brainer, even before they got into power.
Crocodile tears are as believable as these opinion poll whores.
Mining is now placed on the quiet back burner, no worries they will try it on again.

The nasty Nats latest predicable move against the worker has emerged as a three pronged assault.
One, they are applying the 90 days trial employment rule to all companies.
Two, doctors certificate required for one day off sick if the employer wants to see proof of illness.
Three, union reps are not allowed to come onto employment premises if owner says no.

When will these fuckwits realise they have no mandate from their electors to tinker around with labour laws without some form of consensus.
Doctors have poured cold water on the idea of medical certificates, stating they are a low priority, they don’t want unwell and contagious patients spreading bugs around.
More important is a fundamental right being dictated away, the right for employer and employee to work out what arrangement suits them best.
The only employer who will demand such a medical certificate is probably an arsehole to work for, same with the 90day cheap labour scheme that will see unscrupulous employers rolling over staff to save on wage increments.

Entering a Mine Field

March 24, 2010

PM Key’s alter ego? Mathesa the Gormless Alien from Galaxy Quest.

Yes PM Key!
Grin away NZ’s environment for 30 pieces of Siver, or gold and what ever else your puppet master’s in the Big Business lobby have plans to mine.

The Nasty nats are putting it to us that there will be surgical mining with a low foot print.
But beware of secondary infection to the environment from acid mine drainage.
How do you spin the public about tailings dams PM Key?
Call it a face lift?
Big problem also with using footprint analogies, they can backfire with a bad case of foot in mouth.

Not content with fucking NZ’s environment, the Nats have also hatched plans to whip the poor on the dole to get them back into work when unemployment is at a 10 year high thanks to the world wide recession.
But that is what happens when you believe your own bullshit about recovery.

Mining affectionado Gerry Brownlee and alter ego Jabba the Hutt.

Latest Fuel Price Rises

March 10, 2010

$1.82.9 cents per litre – 10/3/10.

I was watching a politician explain our fuel prices are set by the cost from the Singapore refinery.
In the same TV interview the politician explained that NZ is nearly 40% self sufficient in oil.
NZ Oil is sold on the international market to get the best price, because it is of high quality.

Quoting NZ oil production is one of those headline grabbers that Politicians love to use, but it fails to explain why we are being forced to the wall over fuel prices.

Now am I stupid for not understanding why our oil resource is not used locally to drive down the cost of fuel in this country?
The excuse is a lack of refining facilities.

The real answer is fuel supply is in the hands of the multi national cartels, who are determined to extract the maximum profit by making oil producing countries send their unrefined crude off shore, only to arrive back as a finished product for a handsome profit.

Given that NZ has been producing commercial quantities of crude oil for three decades, I fail to see what excuse is good enough to explain why we don’t have refining capacity to keep our own oil for local consumption.

An interesting historical article I read stated that light crude oil[diesel oil] used to burn in early diesel engines with no problems.
This was happening where landowners had oil available on their own properties, the crude would separate by specific gravity, it was a simple task to pour off the lighter fractions to separate them.
Mind you those old engines probably would run on just about anything.
But that raised a nagging doubt over how much fuel refining is necessary, and beyond a certain point it is a process designed to add profit to big oil’s bottom line.