The Toad of Toad hall.

August 30, 2010

Let’s Bury the Hatchet!

Body Language from 2008 says a lot?

So it seems Heather Roy had enough of Rodney Hide’s Act?
Isn’t the Act party name so handy for derision.
e.g. The Actung Party.

Hide has shown his far right hand by creating Auckland Super city without any mandate from Auckland and surround cities rate payers.
First he crash changes this without the ‘clutch’, then we have to sit around hearing all the costs start leaking out of ‘the sump’, soon the ‘exhaust’ will fall off his ‘Super City vehicle’ creating a big noise with rate payers getting the tar and feathers ready for Rodney’s Hide.

I predict Hide will be falling on his sword in Epsom come next election.
Sorry Rodney, people do like the illusion of a consultative democracy at the very least!